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Call for Submissions

Hello and welcome to Disturbing Frequencies! Thanks for stopping by. We are already in the midst of putting together our first few episodes, complete with stories submitted by professional fantasy and science fiction authors from our area. But we need more. Whether a short story or audio drama script (we really like those), send us…

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We’re all about making it easy to audition for our show. In addition to occasional live auditions, you can conveniently submit sample script readings to us online:

  1. Using a device of your choice (the voice recorder on your phone will do just fine), please record your name, the name of the story, and the character’s name at the beginning of your audition.
  2. Read the lines one time only — we want to hear your best take. Also, record in a quiet place so we can hear you clearly.
  3. Please record only one character reading per file — this makes it much easier for us to organize. If you want to read for multiple characters, simply submit a separate file for each.
  4. Auditions should be in mp3 format. We’re not too picky on sound quality, but if you’d like some specs to aim for, mono 160kbps and up would be ideal for this stage.
  5. Please name your file StoryName-CharacterName-YourName.mp3 before submitting (e.g., TheHobbit-Bilbo-JohnDoe.mp3).
  6. Use the handy form below to submit your audition or email it to with the subject line Audition: StoryName-CharacterName-YourName (e.g., Audition: TheHobbit-Bilbo-JohnDoe). Only one audition file per email, please.
  7. In your email, please include your name and email address. A phone number would be great backup, too, in case we encounter some sort of email issue. If you have any past voice or acting work you’d like to tell us about, by all means please do.
  8. Auditions submitted after the cut-off date for a specific script, of course, will not be accepted. But we will keep your audition in mind for other parts in other stories as they become available.
  9. In fact, you may be asked to read for a part other than the one you auditioned for — even one in a different story. Director’s discretion, naturally.
  10. We’ll let you know in a timely fashion if you got the part, once we have all the auditions in for a specific script.
  11. Upon acceptance, please send us a promotional bio and headshot. We want to promote all of our participants and would prefer not to use the Disturbing Frequencies eyeball symbol in place of your lovely faces. Links to your own website, projects, etc. are most definitely welcome and encouraged.

Audition Form

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