It was to be a simple mission for Mittemeyer and his team of veterinarians: venture into the Exclusion Zone to humanely control the growing population of dogs, long abandoned after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

But a discovery changes the course of the expedition and Mittemeyer’s team soon realizes there is much more at stake for the pack–and themselves–than they thought possible.

A speculative story by Rob Tyler.

Don Beechner as the Narrator
Sean Michael Smith as Mittemeyer and Volke
Jeff Moon as Jamison
Ron Dufort as Assistant Director
Jack Simel as Bureau Representative
Corrie Spike Carter as Mittemeyer’s Wife
R. Emmett Michie as Driver
Jonathan Wetherbee as Blanding
Meredith Powell Carroll as Ops Agent

Directed by Ted Wenskus.
Mixing and post-production by Ted Wenskus.
Disturbing Frequencies logo artwork by Alan Vincent Michaels.
Hosted by Dean Amsler.

Music: “The Dread” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

This is an original production by Disturbing Frequencies and the Rochester Speculative Literature Association. It is brought to you under a creative commons, attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives license. All other rights are reserved by the author.

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